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Insomnia-The True South Pointers...

Insomnia :

Think about sleep and being awake in longing for sleep. Symbolically, they represent the states of ‘rest and unrest’ or ‘peace and disturbance’. In our lives, everyday is an endless disturbing struggle for existence, living, life…this state of unrest that we all live in, is what we call INSOMNIA. It is our search, as a band, to find answers and pave ways out of this unrest to that state of peace and serenity. It is our intention to lead all of us to that Promised Land.

Who are ‘INSOMNIA’?

  1. Vocals Sayantan
  2. Vocals/Guitars Dodo
  3. Guitars /Vocals Bodhi
  4. Keyboards/Vocals Souvik
  5. Bass Pom
  6. Drums Rohit

Public Relations: Rahul Mehra


‘Visionary Rock’: Rock music with a vision; music that makes you think; music that makes sense. In our self-composed music, we would not like to place ourselves in any rigid genre, as we work with many kinds of sounds and arrangements but the closest description would be nu-age alternative rave rock . There is an emphasis on lyrical content. We draw inspiration from classic hard rock, art music, psychedelia, electronica, new age, blues, etc.

As we believe ‘music is not only classical but also massical’, we perform our stage shows in vast array of musical genres covering popular songs from pop to rock to dance to psychedelia. We do this in both English and Bangla. However, we are best at our own music.

Along with stage performances and concerts, we also do theatre sound-scaping and background scoring for films and serials.

Insomnia were Eastern Zonal Winners and All – India 2nd Runners up at Castrol Garage Rock, 2003 held in Mumbai

Insomnia were Finalists at the All – India Rock band competition at Springfest 2003, IIT Kharagpur

Insomnia have rocked crowds in schools and colleges on the following occasions:

R G Kar Medical College freshers’ welcome, 2003

South Point High School, Melting Point, 2004

Pailan Institute of Management freshers’ welcome, 2004

Calcutta Medical College, Annual Fest, 2004

District Interact Council, Annual Fest, 2004

St. Xavier’s College, Xavotsav, 2004


Insomnia organised the concert, Reach Out and played in it along with the leadingEnglish bands of Calcutta. The concert also featured Usha Uthup, Amyt Datta and Nandan Bagchi and raised funds for the children of Reach.

Insomnia in 2002 paid tribute to Pink Floyd & Jimmy Hendrix at the Srijan Rooftop

Cry Of The Spirit self Produced english album

Proloyer Somoi First ever Bengali Alternative Album Released By Asha Audio

Telephone : Email for details

Address : 281, Jodhpur Park. Kolkata-700 068. West Bengal. India

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